Lawn Mower Buyers Guide

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Lawn Mower Buyer's Guide

Which Type of Lawn Mower is Right for You?

One of the many reasons people often dread the task of mowing their lawn is because they aren’t using the right equipment for the job. When you have a large plot of land that needs mowing or an area with several obstacles to work around, you need a specialized lawn mower that is not only going to get the job done but make it easier on you, too. We’ve put together a list of different types of lawn mowers to help you in your decision. Visit G&G Equipment in Frederick, CO today for a look at our lawn mowers for sale or give us a call with questions!

Walk-Behind/Push Mowers VS. Riding/Zero-Turn Mowers

Walk-behind or push mowers are a popular choice because they tend to offer an adequate cutting width as well as the ability to cut right through thick, long grass. Many models can also turn clippings into much. This type of mower is generally recommended if you have a smaller yard that less than half an acre in size. Another benefit of the walk-behind mower is that practically anyone can operate them. You’ll be able to easily maneuver around obstacles without having to get off the machine.

If you’ve got a pretty vast area to cover that exceeds one acre, you should consider a zero-turn or riding mower. Many people choose zero-turn mowers because they are great for saving time. They’re quite easy to handle, highly maneuverable, and always in action. You also enjoy the benefit of being able to cut closely around bushes and flowerbeds, so you won’t need to waste more time with a weed whacker.

Zero-Turn Mowers in Frederick, CO

Gas Mowers Vs. Electric Mowers

Gas mowers offer a longer running time and more power than electric mowers. At the same time, gas mowers can be messy and need more maintenance than their electric counterpart. Electric mowers can be corded or cordless and are much cleaner and easier to operate than gas mowers. Remember though, unless you always have batteries handy, you can run out of power at any moment with electric mowers. Corded models are going to limit your ability to move freely, which can be a hassle.

At G&G Equipment, we provide you with dependable equipment that you can trust. Be sure to stop by our dealership in Frederick, CO so we can help you choose the right lawn mower for your needs!

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